Learn how to design, deliver, and evaluate training that inspires.  This hands-on workshop will equip you with the skills needed to facilitate a results-oriented training experience.

   Topics covered depend upon discussions with the client and an assessment of participant needs.  The following may be emphasized:

  • Stimulating interest and participation: icebreakers.
  • Setting expectations and norms.
  • Getting trainee buy-in.
  • Converting nervousness to enthusiasm.
  • Applying stress management techniques.
  • Maintaining high energy.
  • Understanding the adult learner.
  • Assessing learning needs.
  • Applying the three critical steps for designing modules.
  • Evaluating learning.
  • Answering questions concisely.
  • Managing challenging questions.
  • Defusing hostility or resistance.
  • Processing group exercises.
  • Projecting your personality.
  • Honing effective verbal and nonverbal skills.
  • Minimizing distracting behavior.
  • Injecting humor into the learning process.
  • Applying design guidelines.
  • Coordinating multi-media.
  • Practicing for a smooth flow.

   You will raise your teaching ability to a new level of expertise by participating in:

    Content experts who are assigned the trainer role. New trainers.

   Two days.

    A willingness to learn a new role and have fun.


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