Hands-on practical training for corporations and educational institutions:

   Who should attend these workshops?  Anyone who speaks before a group to influence others by:

  • Selling/Marketing
  • Persuading/Motivating
  • Leading/Inspiring
  • Informing/Orienting
  • Demonstrating/Explaining
  • Training/Facilitating

   Our private coaching sessions allow you to maximize your presentation impact.  Learn effective organization strategies and delivery skills.  Sharpen up your visual aids.  Manage nervousness and feel confident when fielding audience questions.

   Private instruction is the best option for:

  • The busy executive who wants concentrated feedback
  • Follow-up to one of our workshops
  • Feedback on an upcoming special presentation

   All sessions include videotaping and written critique.

   Do you need to prepare a team of technical, management, or educational presenters for a large audience event?  We provide videotaped one-to-one sessions and direct dress rehearsals to help your group portray a unified, polished message.

   Schedule several hours a month for Just-In-Time coaching for important presentations.

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