We have a proven track record.  For more than fifteen years we have been training and consulting in a wide variety of industries.  Our experience has given us the flexibility to customize training for all types of presenters – from receptionist to CEO.

   We are presentation skills specialists.  Our background combines degrees in speech and theatre with practical business and education experience.  We are able to design workshops with depth and breadth on any topic because our specialization runs deep and wide.

   What distinguishes an average presenter from an outstanding speaker?  We have the answer and train to those competencies.

   You choose which aspects of your presentation style need development.  We provide the criteria for measuring progress and growth.  

    You will know that you have improved and you will know why and by how much.

   We recognize that one size does not fit all.  We perform a complete client needs assessment.  The resulting course design is tailored to match your unique requirements.

   Yes, this is fun!  Come and find out.